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The future of Bitcoin

The “coin” is the perfect currency for the shadow economy. However, it is not an investable asset, by any means, and any reasonable investors should stay away from it. The blockchain technology on which it is based, on the other hand, can have many interesting applications in different sectors. read article

What is next for GE?

GE GE should put emphasis on innovation and development of new wonderful products. This is the only recipe for the company’s revival. Selling its business units will only lead to further decline. read article

Sell GE before it is really too late

GE GE share price is just a reflection of the company’s former CEO pathetic performance. In substance, things are not going to change under his successor. It is all about the culture of “appearance first” and self-praise. read article

Comey testimony and what it means for the Trump presidency

Precious little what public knows of possible Trump and his team collusion with Russia is just the tip of on iceberg. Impeachment of President Trump is only a matter of time. read article

NVIDIA Corporation soon to be acquired?

NVDA NVIDIA Corporation is set to dominate not just the next-generation chips for the gaming market, but also power the next major wave, or rather revolution, of technological innovation – artificial intelligence. read article

A military action against North Korea is unavoidable

Whatever mistakes President Trump makes, there are areas where he is intuitively right. One of this areas is the situation with North Korea. read article

Why Goldman Sachs stock is set to move much higher

GS Repatriation of money hoarded by American companies overseas will cause a wave of acquisitions. Goldman Sachs, as no other firm, is set to benefit from this. read article

New paradigm of bond and stock prices

In modern economy bond and stock prices, contrary to conventional economic theory, move in a lockstep. The recent rise of both is just a sign of excess liquidity. A fall in bond prices will signal the end of the equity bull market. read article

NVIDIA is set to beat the market again

NVDA Despite a spectacular run last year, when the share price increased close to four-fold, the company’s stock has potential for farther three-fold increase. read article

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