A military action against North Korea is unavoidable

  |  by Alexander Chepakovich

Whatever mistakes President Trump makes, there are areas where he is intuitively right. One of this areas is the situation with North Korea.

The USA is facing a a clear danger emanating from North Korea. Its nuclear weapons program combined with ballistic missile development, if not stopped, in a few years will put America at risk of a nuclear attack launched by a lunatic. This is a threat that no country can tolerate, especially the United States.

In my opinion, the North Korea situation is just a visible part of a grandiose play started by China to become the dominant power of the world. Little they suspect, though, that themselves in this area they are being cleverly played by Russia.

The only purpose of China’s propping up the absurd Pyongyang regime is for North Korea to act both as a tester of the US resolve and as a lightning rod if America will decide to act. China is not ready yet for an outright confrontation with the USA. But it will be ready pretty soon if the Free World does not act now.

Russia (or should I say, President Putin), on its part, bitter from its second-class standing in the world tacitly pushes Beijing and Washington to confrontation. If these two economic superpowers are eliminated, Russia will ascend again and this time as the only military superpower.

So, what is the likely scenario for the game that has already started and briskly moves on to its culminating point? I think a military strike on North Korea with the purpose of full elimination of its nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities is inevitable – USA will be foolish not to do this.

America should also take concrete steps to somehow limit China’s economic growth (which is fueled by orders from the West) – otherwise the world will be governed by the Communist leaders of China. Is there enough resolve among the American ruling class to do this? I think, clearly not now – they are just too busy adding bullions of dollars to their personal wealth, not recognizing that it all will be worth nothing after Beijing establishes its dominance over the world. Looking back at the end of the last century and the beginning of this one, our descendants will say that it was the time when countries of the Free World have sold their freedom for trinkets.

My recommendation for investors: if you are in equities, buy shares of good American military equipment manufacturers – they should benefit, at least initially, from the end of the world as we know it.

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I think both Russia and China have there hands, hearts , minds deeply integrated and involved in North Korea's build up as a nuclear power over the many years. They are using North Korea to do there dirty work on and against the USA and the west. All of the past western leaders have failed to deal with this Triad head on. To effectively deal with North Korea the West must also expose China and Russia.....as the handlers/perpatrators also. What is the end game I hope it is peace with North Korea joining South Korea to be finally once again as one nation and remove all Chinese and Russian interests. 28-09-2017 01:22
China does not seem to want a united Korea. That would add too much pressure on its western borders. Grandios play of China is very probable. There are also many Russians working for North Korea. And exports from Russia to North Korea have increased since January. The Chinese never wanted the US on their borders, reason why the US had to withdraw form North Korea in the 50's. As to a war between US and North Korea, I rather doubt it, as it would cause many casualties, too many. I rather believe that this ugly regime is going to implode, the same with China. Dictatorships do not last long in my opinion.

The worst danger to Russians and Americans is if China and the Arabs pool together, then we will be toast in Europe especially. So the analysis might be different.
29-07-2017 10:59
Thank you for your opinion. There is something called the Bible, and it foretold events of the current age years ago.
So all opinions are merely extracted form the truths that God has given us insight on.
Your opinion of war, is like someone who sees light on the horizon before sunrise and saying
"The sun will rise shortly". Did you think you were writing something profound?
24-07-2017 20:32
I say nuke the crap out of N. Korea and powder them! 12-07-2017 15:48
The Enforcer

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