Comey testimony and what it means for the Trump presidency

  |  by Alexander Chepakovich

Precious little what public knows of possible Trump and his team collusion with Russia is just the tip of on iceberg. Impeachment of President Trump is only a matter of time.

Yesterday’s former FBI director James Comey testimony revealed surprisingly little what has not already been in the public domain. The precious little what the general public knows, however, is not nearly enough to constitute any serious threat to the Trump’s presidency.
Does this mean that the President has nothing big to warry about? Absolutely not. On the contrary, I think that chess pieces are being moved into place for the checkmate. I feel that all damming information – including confirmation of what is described in the so-called dossier on Trump’s escapades in Moscow and collusion of his team (and, probably, him personally) with Russia for the purpose of defeating Hillary Clinton on the presidential elections – is already in the hands of “people-in-the-know” in Washington. These puppet masters are people in the US intelligence community who are releasing the information drop by drop in the form of journalist investigations to make sure that their sources are not jeopardized. These sources, in my opinion, are people placed at the highest level of the Russian hierarchy and is the most valuable resource for America’s security.
I think at this point it is just a matter of time before President Trump is impeached. For investors that should be a welcoming move – a chance for implementation of Trump’s agenda without Trump.

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Save your propoganda, this isn't CNN.
13-12-2017 08:38
Seth Rich
I agree completely with Toms comments above. The liberals and dems are sore losers and now are splitting the country in half and setting the stage for a civil parting of citizens. America divided is America that falls, and we get North Koreans and Iranians knocking on doors in years to come. No thanks! This BS stops now! And why is a Canadian russian writing artciles about a country he doesnt live in? We got things handled here comrade! 15-10-2017 16:55
It would seem damming that the boss of the FBI leaked information to the press. If the leadership feels above the law, what does that say about the rest? Further, I find it funny that Trump originally, during the election, said there was activity by foreign governments. The Intelligence Community(??) came out and said "there was NO evidence" and Obama assured the country all was well. Then Trump got elected and now all kind of evidence suddenly comes out...Maybe Trump is right that there is a cartel in Washington -not elected - that is in control? By the way, everyone is upset because another government may have done to us what we have been doing for years - ie affected the election and direction of the government! Lets hope the people stay united behind Trump..he is a wild card that could change government for the better. 09-06-2017 10:48

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