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[2017-01-23]   We have added a new parameter to our stock screener that reflects dynamic nature of our valuations and stock market prices. We call it Value-price divergence or VPD for short. it is calculated as Intrinsic value change (in %) minus Stock price change (in %). Our analysis shows that this parameter has a major influence on future stock performance. In fact, it is so important that we put it at the top of the list of our stock screeneing parameters: STOCK SCREENER.

[2017-01-19]   The paper VALUATION OF STOCKS: The Quest for Intrinsic Value, which describes our valuation model and discloses its calculation algorithm has been published on Wikimedia Commons for free viewing and download:

[2017-01-03]   We've checked 2016 performance of our valuation model. The results showed, once again, that the model works. It is a great tool for investors wishing to beat the market. Information about the model performance can be found on this page:

[2017-01-02]   We have redesigned the site to improve user usability and site aesthetics.

[2016-08-07]   Our theory and methodology of stock valuation is summarized in a paper, which we hope with time will become a book. It is called "Valuation of stocks: the quest for intrinsic value" and can be downloaded here for free:

[2016-08-01]   We reveal it all! Have you ever wondered what is "under the hood" of our valuation model? Well, now you have it. It is all here: valuation algorithm. No more secrets and mystery: our calculation algorithm is shown in full and explained step-by-step. We make it public for everybody to verify and, hopefully, feel more comfortable about our valuation results. We welcome your comments and critique.

[2016-05-21]   We've decided to discontinue (hopefully, temporarily) coverage of European stocks due to absence of reliable financial data for specific companies. The stocks still can be screened by the screener and their intrinsic valuations are available - but be aware that the data is outdated.

[2016-05-07]   Today we've added to the home page a bar chart showing the day-by-day performance of our valuation model so far this year. The chart shows daily difference in average performance of stocks rated "strong BUY" and those rated "strong SELL" in % (all non-financial U.S. stocks). The cumulative difference since the beginning of the year is +9.4%. The chart proves that out model could also be used to enhance performance even when the investment horizon is very short.

[2016-03-29]   Do you want to know how much money you are reasonably expected to have in your investment account in the future depending on the asset allocation split you chose? We've just added two calculators to the Asset allocation section of the site that allow you to do just that. These are very important tools for planning your financial future.

[2016-03-14]   We've just started coverage of U.K. stocks. The valuation table for the FTSE 100 index is here: FTSE 100.


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